Acupuncture Marketing Strategies + Intro to Facebook Ads

Save $149: Marketing Strategies + Facebook Ads Bundle

Happy Year of the Dog!  🐶

Save $149 - Two for the price of one:

For four days only (Friday, 2/16 through midnight EST on Monday, 2/19), get both of my online marketing courses for the price of one with this awesome bundle deal. 

Let's ring in Chinese New Year with a boost to your patient numbers AND your bottom line!

What do you get?

Purchase the two-course bundle for only $397 and receive:

  • Acupuncture Marketing: Easy Strategies for More Patients online course  ($397 value)
  • Introduction to Facebook Ads for Acupuncturists online course  ($149 value)
  • 15 NCCAOM PDA credits

That's a $546 value for just $397!    (Plus 15 NCCAOM PDA credits)

You're welcome! ;)

Tell me about the courses included! 

1)  Acupuncture Marketing: Easy Strategies for More Patients course:

Getting more patients for your acupuncture practice should feel comfortable and easy.

If you hate marketing your acupuncture practice or feel so overwhelmed that you don't know where to begin, then you're in the right place.

Not sure what to say or how to say it to bring in more patients?

Struggling with social media?

Frustrated with the tech aspects of email marketing or SEO?

I'm an acupuncturist and I LOVE marketing. I've been teaching marketing to other acupuncturists for 3 years (both online and in classrooms). It's my passion and I know how to make it easy.

Learn to market with confidence and get more patients:

  • Marketing basics they don't teach in acupuncture school (but should!)
  • Video screenshares showing you step-by-step how to master the tech aspects of email and social media marketing
  • How to actually get patients from social media
  • How to set up a successful email funnel
  • How to get to the top of Google without spending a dime 
  • How to get more patients on your schedule this week
  • Beautiful worksheets & calendars
  • Easy to follow video tutorials

(+ 15 NCCAOM PDA credits, Professional Development Category)

Feeling stuck or overwhelmed by the idea of marketing?

I break it down step-by-step and make it easy. Take control of your marketing and never feel lost again.

2) Introduction to Facebook Ads for Acupuncturists course: 

  • Frustrated by trying to navigate Ads Manager? 

  • Annoyed when you spend 30 minutes setting up an ad, only to have it denied with no explanation? 

  • Discouraged because you KNOW Facebook is the place to find new patients, but your ads just aren't getting results? 

I'm here to help.

I make Facebook Ads easy and effective. 

I share my screen and walk you through you the entire process of Facebook Ad creation from start to finish. 

Stop wasting your money on ads that just won't work. 

Stop wasting time fighting with Ads Manager or trolling through endless forums looking for simple answers.

I teach you how to:

  • Easily install your Facebook pixel
  • Create custom audiences
  • Create ad images for free
  • Know whether your ads are working
  • And much more

There are more people on Facebook today than were alive 100 years ago.

(Crazy right?!) 

That means all of your patients and your business competition are already on Facebook.

You can't afford not to utilize the power of Facebook, the pixel, and custom audiences to significantly build your patient base. 

Facebook ads are an incredible resource at your fingertips just waiting to be unlocked. 

In this introductory-level course, I'll show you how!

You're an amazing acupuncturist. Together, let's grow your practice so you can reach more patients and make an awesome living practicing a medicine you love.

Save $149 with this awesome bundle deal!

What people are saying...

I am absolutely loving the course and although I'm only half way through it has definitely increased my patient volume!

- Elaine McMenamin, LAc

This course changed everything... Just do it. You will not regret it. You will learn step by step what you need to do to boost your practice.

- Marcele Ferreira, LAc

Looking back, after going through Michelle's course, I feel as though she could charge 2-3x what she is. It's truly an A-Z for marketing your practice. If you're struggling and the growth of your practice is slow or stagnant, I guarantee that this course will help breathe new life into your clinic. Diligently dissect the lessons, create a plan that feels good for you, then take action! Your return on investment will be far beyond expectation.

- Spence Pentland, Dr. TCM

I opened my practice this February having never owned a business and quite frankly with limited practice management instruction in school. It's reassuring to know that I can look can at the videos again and take a fresh look at how my practice is evolving. Marketing is often portrayed as 'hustle, hustle, hustle' and you have demonstrated that this can happen with grace and integrity.

- Elisa Szczepankiewicz, L.Ac.

A big THANK YOU for doing what you do and helping people like me conquer my fear of marketing. I even have my first health fair tomorrow! It's actually a symposium with some pretty important people in the sports medicine world... I'm excited thanks to your classes!

- Dr. Caitlin Nespoli, D.Ac., L.Ac.

Want to see even more testimonials and details about how each course will help you? Check out the course links below! 

Save $149: Marketing Strategies + Facebook Ads Bundle includes these courses

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Introduction to Facebook Ads
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