Small Group Coaching for Acupuncturists

Small Group Coaching for Acupuncturists

and other wellness entreprenuers | taught by Jason Stein, LAc

Course description

Helping acupuncturists who want to gain momentum, create sustainable profits, and strengthen their relationships with ease.

Sign up before May 24th and save $100/month on group coaching with Jason Stein!

The early bird rate is $250/month, and it expires on the 24th. Sign up after that and the price jumps to $350/month. 

Facilitated by Jason Stein, L.Ac.

The more acupuncturists I work with, the more I learn that overwhelm is the most common issue that's preventing them from scaling up their businesses.  

If any of this sounds familiar, then you're in the right place: 

  • You went to school, took on a hefty student loan, and graduated to face the daunting reality that you must master both acupuncture and the ins and outs of running a business.
  • Your patients are constantly telling you much you help them, but you're exhausting yourself trying to build a sustainable practice - wondering what to focus on first.
  • You know that something has to change, but you don’t want to invest in a one-size-fits-all template to build your business, and you can’t afford thousands of dollars on private coaching.  

I get it. 

That's why in the last five months I co-facilitated my first-ever small group coaching with Jason Stein, L.Ac. to learn from him and better understand what acupuncturists out there really need today. 

Jason is my personal business coach and after working with him and seeing how he coached the six acupuncturists in our group, I can't recommend him more highly.

Jason has a rare gift for helping his coaching students find clarity - really honing in on what it is that you need to move your business forward - and then helping narrow in on the next steps to make it a reality. 

Jason is also a rare in that he doesn't subscribe to a cookie cutter approach to building a business. I've always been impressed that he meets acupuncturists where they are and helps them build their businesses using their individual strengths.

Just listen to what one participant said after working with our group:

“I was a bit skeptical of getting group coaching; however it’s best business decision in 2018. I’ve increased my patient count, rebranded my business, and I’ll be launching my new web presence in the coming weeks. I’d encourage any acupuncturist who is wanting accountability, connection with acupuncturists across the nation, and growth in their business to consider the Acu-Crew.” 

- Myriam Erdt Beck, L.Ac.

“My initial choice to do group work had more to due with finances, but once I began to regularly engage in the process I realized how much I can learn and grow from listening to others’ learning. It has given me answers to questions I didn’t even know to ask, as well as ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with on my own. Now my social media channels are focused and I have way more clarity in the next steps in my marketing. Having Jason facilitate the group  is like working with a talented book editor who knows what you are trying to say when you’re muddled and he helps you find your voice and tell your story.” 

- Annalisa Brown, LAc (

I'm so excited for Jason to lead this group and help more acupuncturists, which is why I'm helping him find new acupuncturists for the remaining three seats. 

After our beta group, I was offered a dream job and realized my strength is in online content. I’m devoting the rest of this year to my new position and content creation. But, just because you missed Jason and me co-facilitating, you didn’t miss out on a great new opportunity.

Here’s what you get in Jason's small group coaching for acupuncturists:

  • Two 75-minute group calls per month focused on moving you forward
  • One 30-minute private call with Jason, with his years of business experience working with hundreds of acupuncturists 
  • Accountability and declared goals to keep you focused and on track
  • Peer support from five other acupuncturists facing similar challenges who are there to support you as you move forward
  • A private Facebook group to support you in day-to-day momentum so you can achieve your goals in 2018
  • Jason Stein’s Heart Crew, an online community of over 50 wellness providers that are marketing, creating online courses, and really creating profitable practices. (I’m in this group and can attest to the value!)
  • Special Guests like me - Oh yah, I’ll be showing up occasionally in the next group for SEO and social media focus groups!

What’s the commitment?

There are only six spaces total and three have already been filled by previous clients. If you're interested, please sign up below as soon as you read the following commitment.

The commitment is the first and third Tuesday of each month from June through December 2018 at 2 pm PST/3 pm MST/4 pm CST/5 pm EST.

It’s understandable with summer and holidays that you may miss a call or two. Jason and the other members ask you to make this time as valuable as your patient appointments. That means if you're going to miss often and not make this group a priority, please don’t apply.


$250 per month if you sign up before May 24th - that's the early bird discount. If you sign up after the 24th, it'll be $350/month, so don't miss your chance so save $700. 

Either way, that's a great deal for group coaching. Jason knows the cost is low but he wants to be of service in ways that don’t stretch you too far. 

Since both Jason and I have worked in acupuncture schools, we know how much you’ve already invested in your education and he wants to focus on coaching that gets you a return on your investment.

How do I get in to Jason's group?

Right now there are only three spaces left. This group isn’t a fit for everyone. It is right for those who want to make growing their acupuncture practice this year a priority. 

The first step is to create an account and "sign up" here on this website. Once you've submitted your information, Jason will email you to set up a 20-minute consult to see if you’re a good match for the remaining spaces.

Jason Stein, LAc
Jason Stein, LAc
Holistic Business Coach

Jason Stein is one of the few acupuncture coaches who has been an acupuncturist and worked with hundreds of acupuncturists.  Here’s a few more reasons why he can help. 

Jason has:

  • Started a practice in a Western Hospital in his first year after graduating in 1998
  • Created and taught the business course at the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine for a decade
  • Published materials for both academic and general publications
  • Interviewed on multiple podcasts, blogs, and telesummits
  • Very recently taken a locum practice so he can relate to the most common current day problems of practice
  • Worked with hundreds of wellness providers around the globe at Heart of Business, INC (a coaching website specifically for holistic entrepreneurs)
Get in touch with Jason at

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