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Taking the Stress Out of Marketing Your Acupuncture Practice

Breathe deep... I've got you covered.

  • Video Lessons

    I share my screen and show you everything I'm clicking so you can easily follow along. Never feel overwhelmed by the tech aspects of marketing again.

  • Worksheets

    With colorful worksheets, calendars, checklists, and more, you'll stay on track to achieve your marketing goals.

  • Your Road Map

    I lay out a clear path for you. From the basics of marketing all the way through to bright ideas that generate patients right now, this is your road map.

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What people are saying

Praise from acupuncturists around the world:

I am absolutely loving the course and although I'm only half way through it has definitely increased my patient volume!

- Elaine McMenamin, L.Ac.

Michelle's courses gave me the encouragement and reassurance that it IS possible to be a healthcare provider and honor my worth/education —it IS possible to have a fulfilling career and convey passion via marketing in a way that’s authentic. 

- Lauren Dyer, L.Ac.

This is an amazing class and all acupuncturists need this; even if you think you learned marketing in school. Take this class!!!! I finished it, but will keep going back to this class for reference. 

- Mary Chiappone, L.Ac.

This course changed everything... Just do it. You will not regret it. You will learn step by step what you need to do to boost your practice.

- Marcele Ferreira, L.Ac.

Michelle makes the process simple and actionable. You would be surprised how much you can accomplish with specific and knowledgeable direction.

-  Michael Cohen, L.Ac.

Such a great course, love the fact that it is an Acupuncture specific course. Nice pace and everything covered feels relevant, there is no padding. Michelle is a great tutor, you can sense from the word go that she is so passionate about helping you. The course really is unique in the Acupuncture world and I am so glad to have found it.

- David Loughlin, L.Ac.

I would definitely recommend this course. There are lots of great tips and tricks to make marketing easier and a lot of thought provoking ideas. Michelle also has a great perspective having gone through all of the trials and tribulations of marketing as a new acupuncturist.

- Maeve Marenakos, L.Ac.

I'm really enjoying the course so far - all the info about Canva, Hootsuite, when to post, what to post, etc. is so practical and helpful. Thanks so much for sharing all this information!

- Genevieve, L.Ac.

This course is clear, detailed and even saved me money on some start up business costs (like branding). Michelle covers everything from ads, target market, mindset, social media and so much more! 

- Taisha Gonzalez, L.Ac., L.M.T. 

I’ve been loving your class so far. It’s so relatable and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate knowing that I’m not alone in my thought processes around building a business and marketing. 

- Chelsey Mollin, L.Ac.

If you're struggling and the growth of your practice is stagnant, this course will help breathe new life into your clinic. Dissect the lessons, create a plan that feels good for you, then take action! Your return on investment will be far beyond expectation. 

- Spence Pentland, Dr. TCM

Thank you again for these in-depth, thorough videos. You truly have opened me up to a new way of thinking and working.

- Myriam Beck, L.Ac.

As someone with a strong eye for design as well as a strong will, branding for my business has proved a difficult thing to outsource.  Your course has provided practical tools and resources that have helped me create a unique brand that feels authentic to me as both a healer and a human.  Go right ahead and quote me on that! Gratitude to you.

- Erin Kelly, L.Ac.

I love your idea of accountability partner. I have my first deadline coming up tomorrow and I'm feeling good about it thanks to all the tools I learned from your course. I just sent out my first email blast via Mail Chimp with a beautiful, Canva-created graphic, I'm loving my logo so much more, my website looks cohesive and even my FB page and posts are starting to look way more inviting. I'm so grateful to you for putting all of this together. It truly is the missing link!

- Shani Cooper, L.Ac.

My only regret is that I did not take this course sooner. It was very helpful and full of useful information for the marketing newbie. This course gave me a framework to work with from posting on social media to branding to testimonials. If you are overwhelmed with the marketing aspects of your acupuncture practice, this is a great course to help you find your way.

- Reagan Barry, L.Ac.

Although I already know how important marketing is you have given me ideas and pointed me in the direction of great tools that will help with social media in particular. This is something that I am new to - acupuncture is a new career at 40! I opened my practice this February having never owned a business and quite frankly with limited practice management instruction in school. It's reassuring to know that I can look can at the videos again and take a fresh look at how my practice is evolving. Marketing is often portrayed as 'hustle, hustle, hustle' and you have demonstrated that this can happen with grace and integrity.

- Elisa Szczepankiewicz, L.Ac.

I just finished Michelle Grasek's online course and I could not be more thrilled with the content and the way it was presented. There was a huge gap in my knowledge and Michelle made this so clear and easy to implement. She gives reference handouts that I have printed out by my desk to help keep me on track. I redid my branding to better reflect my vision and have been implementing a social media schedule for a few weeks now. I love how my business is now presented to the public. If you are not 100% confident in your marketing skills then this class is a must. Soooo worth the investment. Seriously. Just sign up already!

- Robyn C., L.Ac.

A big THANK YOU for doing what you do and helping people like me conquer my fear of marketing. I even have my first health fair tomorrow! It's actually a symposium with some pretty important people in the sports medicine world... I'm excited thanks to your class!

- Dr. Caitlin Nespoli, D.Ac., L.Ac.

Learn to market with confidence and get more patients:

  • Marketing basics they don't teach in acupuncture school (but should!)

  • How to actually get patients from social media

  • How to set up a successful email funnel

  • How to get your website to the top of Google without spending a dime

  • How to get more patients on your schedule this week

  • How to think about marketing so it never feels gross again (really)

  • Easy to follow video tutorials

  • Beautiful worksheets & calendars

Course Curriculum:

15 NCCAOM PDA Credits

  • 01


    • Watch This Before You Dive In

  • 02

    Acupuncture Marketing Basics

  • 03

    Mindsets to Help You Realize You Can Get More Patients

    • Mindset Part I: If You Feel Like Marketing is Sleazy...

    • Ben Angel: If You Hate Marketing, You're Being Selfish (!) 3-Min Video

    • Mindset Part II: If You Feel Like You Can't Learn Marketing

    • Marketing Mindsets Checklist

    • "Failure is Feedback; Be Willing to Be Imperfect" 5-Minute Podcast from Lewis Howes

    • My Favorite Website to Help You Resolve Your Money Issues Once and For All

    • My Favorite Website to Help You Resolve Your Money Issues Once and For All

  • 04

    How to Find the Patients Who Are Perfect for You

    • The Easiest Way to Find Your Target Market (So Your Message Attracts the Right Patients for You)

    • Target Market Workbook

    • Your Unique Marketing Message

    • Your Marketing Message Workbook

  • 05

    Why Branding Your Practice Matters

    • Why Should We Care About Branding At All?

    • Make an Awesome Logo in Under 15 Minutes for Free - Step by Step

    • Create Your Branding With Me Right Now!

    • How to Access and Change the Branding Stylesheet in Canva

  • 06

    Marketing Calendars

    • Example Monthly Marketing Calendar

    • Example Facebook Weekly Schedule

  • 07

    Social Media Superhero Part I - Eliminate Overwhelm

    • Social Media That Converts Patients - Read First

    • Why Social Media Matters, Even Though It's Overwhelming Sometimes

    • Easy, Breezy Social Media - No More Overwhelm

    • My Favorite Hack to Find Content to Post on Social Media

    • How to Set Up Google Alerts

    • My Favorite Websites to Find Content to Post on Social Media

  • 08

    Social Media Superhero Part II - Stay Consistent

    • Creating Easy Social Media Images in Canva - Templates

    • How to Schedule a Week of Social Media in One Hour

    • My Setup for a Compelling, Consistent Instagram Feed

    • When to Post on Social Media - Checklist

    • Where to Find Free Images for Your Social Media/Website

  • 09

    Boost Your Online Presence (Get Found Online)

    • 8 SEO Tips to Help Your Acupuncture Clinic Rank Higher In Google - Video

    • 8 SEO Tips to Help Your Acupuncture Clinic Rank Higher In Google - Worksheet

    • Blogging to Improve SEO

    • How to Add a Blog to Your Existing Website - Checklist

    • 24 Blogging Topic Ideas

  • 10

    Capitalize on the Power of Testimonials

    • Why Testimonials Matter & How to Start Using Them Today

    • Testimonial Example Form for Editing

    • Testimonials Checklist

  • 11

    How to Get More Patients in Your Office This Week

    • My Top 3 Tips to Get More Patients on Your Schedule This Week

  • 12

    Create Ads That Get Results

    • Create Ads That Get Results - Video

    • Create Ads That Get Results - Checklist

    • To Give Discounts or Not to Give Discounts? The Big Debate

  • 13

    How to Easily Keep Track of Your Marketing

    • Keeping Track of Your Marketing Efforts - Simple is Best

    • Marketing Tracking Spreadsheet - So Easy My Cat Could Do It

    • How to Calculate ROI Step-By-Step - Video

    • How to Calculate ROI Step-by-Step - Worksheet

  • 14

    Email Marketing for Acupuncturists

    • Email Marketing - Everything You Need to Know

    • How to Set Up Email Newsletters

    • How to Set Up an Automated Email Funnel

    • Acupuncture Email Funnel Templates (Swipe Copy)

  • 15

    You Made It to the End! What Now?

    • Progress & Achievements Workbook

    • Congrats! What's Next?

  • 16

    Bonuses: Research, Collaborating and More

    • "How Does Acupuncture Work" - Your Response Matters!

    • "How Does Acupuncture Work?" Reference Sheet

    • Marketing Hack: Working Together with Other Business Owners in Your Community (Win-Win!)

  • 17

    15 NCCAOM PDA Credits (Professional Enhancement Category)

    • How to Get Your 15 NCCAOM PDA Credits