What You'll Learn:

  • Marketing Basics for Acupuncturists

    Learn marketing essentials that we all should've learned in acupuncture school! These concepts make your marketing more efficient and effective.

  • What's Different About Marketing Now?

    If you closed your practice due to social distancing, the way we used to market ("Get on my schedule today!") no longer feels appropriate. Learn what works instead.

  • How to Maintain & Build Momentum

    You can't afford to lose all the momentum you've built up for your clinic! Learn marketing techniques to keep it going so people are ready to schedule when life is back to normal.

Course curriculum

  • 01

    Webinar Replay & Marketing Workbook

    • Webinar Replay (61 Minutes)

    • 6-Week Marketing Planner Workbook


We are committed to keeping the cost of this webinar low to help provide access to more acupuncturists during this difficult time

Meet Michelle Grasek, MS, L.Ac.:

Acupuncturist and Marketing Expert

Michelle has been a licensed acupuncturist since 2010 and has been teaching marketing to acupuncturists since 2014. She owns a practice in Western New York and absolutely loves both her jobs - acupuncture and teaching marketing. 

Her mission is to help acupuncturists grow their businesses using marketing techniques that are genuine and generous.

Through her articles and online PDA courses, Michelle helps acupuncturists outline a strategy, focus on marketing that feels comfortable, and get new patients regularly.

She shares all her practice-building secrets at michellegrasek.com and on Instagram @michellegrasek.

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Jam-packed with important information to help you stay top of mind with your patients during COVID-19

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