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Spending time on Instagram, but not seeing new patients from your efforts?

Stuck on the social media hamster wheel? I hear it all the time from my students, and I totally get it. Instead of throwing ideas at the wall and hoping something sticks, you need targeted advice that's specific to YOUR Instagram account. Learn what's working for acupuncturists right now to get real-life patients in the door from Instagram. I put these strategies into practice to grow my acupuncture clinic every day, and you can, too!

How Does It Work?

  • Forward Action Plan Specific to Your Instagram Account

    Michelle will review your Instagram account with her detailed checklist and provide actionable steps to start bringing in more patients - whether you're a beginner or advanced Instagrammer.

  • ...Delivered via a 25 minute Loom video screenshare from Michelle

    Michelle will provide a recorded Loom video, sharing her screen to show you exactly what she's referring to regarding your Instagram account. *Please note - Not a live video chat!

  • Plus a Detailed Checklist of Your Personalized Advice AND Two Follow Up Emails!

    Along with the video from Michelle explaining her best recommendations for you, she'll summarize your action steps in an easy-to-use checklist. Plus, if you have questions about Michelle's advice, two Q&A emails are included!


What EXACTLY is included?

  • 1) 25 -30 minute recorded video (with screenshare) from Michelle where she walks you through her specific advice for your Instagram account.

    Please note: This is NOT a live call. It's prerecorded and delivered via email to watch at your convenience.

  • 2) Summary of her advice/suggestions specific to your account in an easy-to-follow checklist, emailed along with the video

  • 3) Two follow-up emails: If you have questions about Michelle's feedback, you can reach out twice via email for clarification or more guidance as you put her advice into action!


  • Is this a live video chat with Michelle?

    Nope! Michelle will provide a recorded Loom video of her feedback on your Instagram account. Generally her videos are 20-25 minutes long and jam-packed with actionable advice. She will pull up your Instagram account on her desktop computer and share her screen to show you exactly what she's referring to as she provides feedback.

    Since there's no specific meeting time, it's super convenient - you can watch the feedback video whenever works for you, AND you can rewatch as often as needed.

  • What happens after I purchase an Instagram Audit?

    First you'll introduce yourself to Michelle (via email) and answer a few "big picture" questions to help her understand your unique practice, your ideal patients, and your goals. You'll provide your Instagram @handle and business website so she can begin assessment of your account. You'll also submit any specific questions that you want Michelle to answer.

    Once Michelle has received this info, she'll record her video review of your Instagram account and send it to you within one week.

  • What's the turnaround time to receive my Instagram review from Michelle?

    Please allow one week from the day you submit the required information (Instagram handle, answering a few questions about your practice, submitting your questions that you want Michelle to answer). Michelle may be able to send your Instagram Audit back even sooner than that, but one week is standard turnaround time.

  • What if I have questions about the feedback Michelle provides?

    As part of your Instagram Audit, you can email Michelle two times with detailed questions. She may answer with video or a written email response.

    We recommend using one email to ask questions immediately after receiving her feedback video, and saving the other email for after you've started putting the advice into action! Totally up to you, of course.

  • What does asynchronous mean?

    Asynchronous simply means this is not a live coaching call. Michelle will record herself and her computer screen on video with her advice for your account and email it to you. If you have questions, you have two emails included in the audit to ask for clarification! Feel free to send any questions to Michelle at michelle@michellegrasek.com.

Get Advice Specific to Your Instagram Account