Frustrated by Facebook Ads?

  • Ads Manager Walkthrough

    I share my screen and walk you through all the sections in Ads Manager, step-by-step.

  • How to Create a Great Ad

    From start to finish. How to create a custom image for your ad, what to say, where to get photos, and more.

  • Troubleshooting Made Easy

    Wondering why the heck your ad isn't delivering? Tricks to make sure your ad is published AND effective.

Here's the truth: Behind the scenes in Facebook Ads Manager can get overwhelming.

Are you frustrated by trying to navigate Ads Manager? 

Annoyed when you spend 30 minutes setting up an ad, only to have it denied with no explanation? 

Discouraged because you KNOW Facebook is the place to find new patients, but your ads just aren't getting results? 

I'm here to help.

I make Facebook Ads easy and effective. 

I share my screen and walk you through you the entire process of Facebook Ad creation from start to finish. 

Stop wasting your money on ads that just won't work. 

Stop wasting time fighting with Ads Manager or trolling through endless forums looking for simple answers.

I teach you how to:

  • Easily install your Facebook pixel
  • Create custom audiences
  • Create ad images for free
  • Know whether your ads are working
  • And much more

There are more people on Facebook today than were alive 100 years ago.

(Crazy right?!) 

That means all of your patients and your business competition are already on Facebook.

You can't afford not to utilize the power of Facebook, the pixel, and custom audiences to significantly build your patient base. 

Facebook ads are an incredible resource at your fingertips just waiting to be unlocked. 

In this introductory-level course, I'll show you how!

Get Started with Facebook Ads Today:


Course curriculum

  • 01

    Introduction and Foundations

    • Welcome!

    • Ads Manager Introduction

    • Prep for Ad Success: Target Market and Objective

    • (Bonus) Target Market Workbook

  • 02

    Facebook Ads Walkthrough

    • How to Install Your Pixel

    • How to Know if Your FB Pixel is Working

    • Creating Custom + Lookalike Audience

    • Choosing an Objective

    • Walk Through Ad Creation Start to Finish

    • Evaluating the Effectiveness of Your Ads

    • Why Your Ads Won't Deliver / What to Do to Make Ads More Effective

    • Facebook Ads Resource List

  • 03

    Creating Ad Images

    • Creating FB Ads That Convert

    • How to Create Ad Images - Walkthrough

    • Where to Find High Quality Free Images