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Tired of procrastinating your email newsletter because you don't know what to talk about every month?

This is a group of 26 emails that you can use as templates for your own clinic, so you never have to wonder again, "What the heck am I supposed to write this month?"

When I teach email marketing, I recommend sending two emails per month to your list, so these templates take care of your email marketing for a whole year.

Email marketing, DONE.

How do the email templates work?

  • Copy & Paste

    Copy and paste the text into a new email inside your email service provider (for example, MailChimp or Constant Contact)

  • Edit to Match Your Clinic

    Edit the templates to reflect your clinic (your schedule now button, your name, etc.). Areas that need to be changed are highlighted so you can't miss them. Any mentions of research articles or other links are already included in the templates!

  • Send or Autoschedule!

    Hit "send" immediately or autoschedule the emails into the future if you want to get really efficient! Email marketing, DONE.

Topics of the Email Templates:

These emails focus on pain, anxiety, and digestive conditions.

I try to mention research studies when possible and I include links to each study referenced.

Of course you can rearrange the order of any of these emails, but this is how they are laid out in the template document.

It's usually 2 emails per month, although you'll note a few months contain 3 emails.

Use all of them, or pick and choose the ones you want to send -  whatever suits your clinic and your subscribers the best!

January: Knee Pain, Digestive Health

February: Valentine's Day, Arthritis Pain

March: Arthritis (Continued), Allergies

April: Fibromyalgia, Menstrual Disorders

May: National Mental Health Awareness Month (Anxiety), Mother's Day

June: Anxiety (Continued), Educational About Acupuncture

July: Educational About Acupuncture Continued x2 (What's a treatment like? Etc.)

August: Shoulder Pain, Elbow Pain

September: Digestion (different email) 

October: Wrist Pain

November: Seasonal Affect Disorder, Holiday Updates, National Bladder Health Month

December: Acu Recommended by the American College of Physicians for Pain (Opioid Crisis) 

Sample Email Template:

What do the templates look like?



SUBJECT: Can you predict weather changes by your knee pain?

ALTERNATE SUBJECT: Did you know acupuncture can help with knee pain?


Can acupuncture help chronic knee pain? In many cases, yes!

A lot of people think that chronic pain is just something they have to "get used to." Especially if the pain has been going on a decade or more, they start to assume it's part of their life now.

But acupuncture can be incredibly helpful in reducing daily knee pain as well as flare-ups.

If you have knee pain that:

️ Changes with the weather, such as worse with cold and/or rain

️ Gets worse with overuse, like long walks or standing for long periods at work

️ Prevents you from climbing stairs comfortably or kneeling in your garden

️ Is from an old injury that never really went away...

Then I definitely recommend trying acupuncture!

It's a gentle treatment AND you get to take a nap.

Typically for chronic knee pain I recommend coming in once a week for 6-8 weeks, and then we try to space the treatments out a bit, to see if you can go 2-3 weeks or a month, and still feel great.

With chronic pain, maintenance treatments are also incredibly helpful to prevent flare ups! After an initial round of treatments, once a month is a great treatment plan to keep you feeling good.

If you have questions about your chronic knee pain, feel free to hit reply to this email!

You can also click here schedule online. [Insert Link to your online schedule or “Schedule Now” button.]

Have a great morning,


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